Friday, December 09, 2005


Google video is yet another devilishly clever piece of engineering.

A number of Jewish blogs have linked to this movie (link here), shot at the time of the wedding of the daughter of the Munkaczer Rebbe in Hungary in 1933. It is an amazing depiction of a lost world: vibrant and diverse; from the rebbe, exhortating Jews in America to keep the the shabbat to the pictures of Zionist youth dancing in a mixed circle.

It is sobering to note that barely 10 years after that film, that entire community would be destroyed, and most of the people the film murdered by the Nazis (may their names and memory be erased).

On a lighter note, here is a brilliant Family Guy clip featuring Cookie Monster (my favourite Sesame Street). Cookie seems to have an addictive personality, and I feel that his inability to control his cookie intake would lead to problems.

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